The MG BookElves are a loose association of authors of books for Middle Grade readers - thus using the hashtag #MGBookElves.

The BookElves grew out of a previous venture led by Sally Harris, author of Diary of a Penguin-napper, in February 2012.  In the autumn of 2013 seven of those authors got together and invited a few more, and ended up as the Twelve BookElves of Christmas.  They produced a month-long promotion and giveaway, with guest interviews and excerpts on each others' webspaces.  You can see the giveaway post here.

The authors involved are: Melanie Abed, Cheryl Carpinello, Rebecca M Douglass, Julie Grasso, Paul Hewlett, Fiona Ingram, M. G. King, Wendy Leighton-Porter, S.W. Lothian, Annaliese Matheron, Jemima Pett, S. Smith, Stanley and Katrina, and Ben Zackheim.

2014 - BookElves Anthology Volume 1

The first Anthology (subtitled A selection of seasonal tales for Middle Grade readers) was produced in November 2014, as an ebook on all platforms and as a paperback on Amazon.  See here for book buying details.

The authors in Volume 1 are:
Rebecca M Douglass - Christmas at Skunk Corners
Fiona Ingram - How Superdog Champ Saved the Day!
M. G. King - The Impossible Christmas of Clooney Dockins
Wendy Leighton-Porter - Max's Christmas Adventure
Jemima Pett - Dylan's Yuletide Journey
S. Smith - 28 Days - a Smoky Mountain Christmas
and Ben Zackheim - Shirley Link and the Case of the Disappearing Christmas Presents.

The lovely cover and badges have been designed and created by Danielle English.

2015 - BookElves Anthology Volume 2

The second anthology is published on 12th November 2015:
Ben Zackheim - Shirley Link and the Clueful Christmas
Wendy Leighton-Porter - Max's Midnight Adventure
S W Lothian - Melvin Finklestein's Christmas Crack-Up
Jemima Pett - Dougall's Reindeer Adventure
Rebecca M Douglass - Halitor at Midwinter
Cheryl Carpinello - Guardian of a Princess
Annaliese Matheron - The Girl with the Heart of Glass

You can find the ebook for Kindle at Amazon: UK  *** US (INT)  ***  CAN  *** AUS

or at Smashwords for all eReaders, also at B&N for Nookat iTunes for iPad, and at Kobo

The paperback is available at Amazon.


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