The Read Tuesday Thunderclap

 Reposted from Chris McMullen's READ TUESDAY website.


Read Tuesday—a Black Friday type of event just for book lovers—now has a Thunderclap promotion underway.
The idea behind the Thunderclap is to create hundreds of simultaneous posts on the morning of Read Tuesday (December 9, 2014) to help spread awareness on the morning of the event.
You can help announce Read Tuesday with thunder. It’s easy:
  • Visit
  • Click Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr and sign in.
  • Customize the message. (Optional.)
  • Agree to the terms. All that will happen is that the Thunderclap post about Read Tuesday will go out the morning of December 9.
When I first supported a Thunderclap for an author, I had been a little nervous when it asked me to confirm. It turns out I had worried over nothing. The only thing you’re agreeing to do is to have a single message go out on your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr on December 9. Thunderclap, of course, needs your permission to send this one message.
The goal is listed as 100 supporters. Really, that’s just a bare minimum. If the Thunderclap doesn’t reach 100 supporters, it won’t go out at all. The real goal is hundreds (no, thousands!), with a reach in the millions.
We can do it. We just need your support. :-)
We have until December 9 to get as many supporters as possible. All supporters have to do is click the link and agree to support via one scheduled message (on the morning of December 9) through Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.
Thank you for your support.

For more information read the full post here.

At time of posting, the thunderclap was approaching 40% - not bad for just one and a half days after launch.
Please spread the word, we are!