The Mad Reviewer gives 5 stars to the Traveler in Black and White

It's very kind of anyone to review one of our books.  It's even kinder when they give you advance warning.  Thank you, Carrie Slager, the Mad Reviewer, for doing both.

Carrie's review is on her blog today, 21st January

Would you like a few tasters?
  • I was understandably a little skeptical when I first accepted this the end I was so glad
  • when the blurb says it's written in a Chandler-esque style, it's not kidding
  • [Hugo]'s sort of an anti-hero but you just can't help it; you'll love him by the end of the book.  He's a true three dimensional character
  • The plot blew my mind.
There are some more really nice quotes to be had in the summing up - but you'll have to check the original to find them for now!

Thank you Ms Slager!