Advertising: Amazon v Goodreads by Chris McMullen

This excellent and very useful post (first posted 15th August 2015) is reblogged from Chris McMullen by way of the Story Reading Ape.


Since KDP introduced Advertising Marketing Services (AMS) for KDP Select books earlier this year, I’ve placed 50 ads on a variety of nonfiction Kindle e-books.
I’ve also placed over a dozen ads with Goodreads. It’s interesting to compare the two options for advertising e-books.


There are two great things about advertising right on Amazon’s website or on a Kindle device (both are possible with AMS via KDP):
  • Many of the customers who see your ad are already shopping for other books, i.e. they are looking for books to read, they have their wallets out, and they are ready to spend money.
  • Since they are already on Amazon, your ad isn’t interrupting some other activity and trying to persuade customers to leave one site to visit another.
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Thanks for sharing this. My sales have nearly flat-lined, so I need to study up on adverts and consider spending some money.
Jemima Pett said…
Ours are going steadily at the moment, mainly due to White Water Landings, even though we haven't got to the airshows as planned. Maybe next year.