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Choosing Keywords is a terrific guest post on TSRA from Jaq. D Hawkins

We’ve all dealt with it. We get our book files ready, check one last time for any typos that might have slipped through, get a cover file ready and write the crucial blurb that will sell or fail to sell our book… once someone actually sees it.
Then we get down to the line for selecting keywords and the fate of the book’s discoverability lies in the careful selection of a few words or terms that we predict people will use to search for a book just like the one we’re about to upload.
On Amazon, usually the seller that results in the largest percentage of sales, we get a limit of seven words or terms. How do we choose the keywords that will bring our book to the attention of our target audience?
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Tamara Narayan said…
Useful post. It's not always easy figuring out the right words to choose.

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