Friday, 29 August 2014

If you live in Norfolk or Suffolk ...

...  why not take a trip to the independent booksellers Diss Publishing Bookshop, tomorrow, Saturday 30th August, to meet M T McGuire, author of the K'Barthan Trilogy and other sci-fi stories.

As M T says on her blog:
[the booksellers] will be letting me lurk on their premises between 11.00 and 1.30 on Saturday – this Saturday that ever was – and devaluing my books by scribbling in them. I’m looking forward to it but also a little bit nervous. If they’ve been kind enough to put their faith in me I am keen to repay it by selling some books.  Anyway, for more about the signing, click here.
 Jemima is planning a trip down there (Diss is 'down' from Norwich - almost out of the county!), and although she aims to arrive on time, if any guinea pigs require extra attention in the morning she may be delayed.

Good luck, M T!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Jemima's A to Z April Challenge guest post: Can we blog from Aardvark to Zebra?

This month's guest post on the A to Z Challenge was on pets blogging in April and also a reminder about backing up one's blog.

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge: Can we blog from Aardvark to Zebra?: Dylan at work Some time last month my guinea pig Dylan announced he was going to do the A to Z Challenge next year.  He wouldn't be...

Monday, 11 August 2014

How to Promote Yourself and Your Books by Chuck Wendig

That was how the title looked in my email header - but knowing Chuck Wendig, it was of course so much more.

Chuck is a bit potty-mouthed, so beware, but his content is excellent.  I particularly like the bit:
"Talking about your book should come from you. It should come from your heart. Say it differently every time. Talk about your books in the same voice you used to write the books."

How To Promote Yourself And Your Books On Social Media Without Feeling Like A Soul-Selling, Sleaze-Sucking Slime-Glob

Thursday, 7 August 2014

First Review of Bravo Victor by Rebecca Douglass

We are very grateful to Rebecca Douglass aka the Ninja LIbrarian, for her lovely review of Bravo Victor - the first we've seen.

"I recommend the whole series to anyone who enjoys a bit of light fantasy/alternative history and highly imaginative action."

The Ninja Librarian: Middle Grade Review: Bravo Victor, by Jemima Pett:   Title: Bravo Victor (Princelings of the East #6) Author: Jemima Pett Publisher: Princelings Publications, 2014. 181 pages S...

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Viridian System website and Facebook page

It's less than a week since Jemima finished the first draft of The Perihelix, the first book in the Viridian System series.  Despite her other website trouble, she has built a website and a Facebook page for them, and indicated she is planning three books in the series, at least.  Well, she said that about The Princelings of the East.

The website:
Note that this uses one of the new-style domain names - just .uk.

The facebook page:

Why not pop over and Like the facebook page or sign up for the newsletter on the website?

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Website trouble for Jemima

Jemima is having trouble with her blog, and with the website for the Princelings series, and also the same fault appears on a new installation of a website for the Viridian System series.

It manifests itself as an inability to load new images, and then breaks links with images - it seems to have a progressive chain back to images loaded after 1st July.  Her blog is most affected, and now refuses to load the 'dashboard' - the back office area to manage the site.

Other people using are affected, according to the support forum, but their solutions have not so far solved her issues.  Work is on-going, and we apologise to users of her blog, and especially anyone hoping for a book blast or review.  Some posts have been scheduled, but they may not have been checked or completed, and we don't expect links to images to work.

Good luck with fixing it, Jemima.

She was hoping for a holiday after finishing the first in the Viridian System scifi series, The Perihelix, on Thursday night.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Bravo Victor now available in all eReader formats

Bravo Victor is now live on for all eReader formats, so if you keep away from Kindle and want it for your Nook, or Kobo reader, or for your iPad, or just as a pdf for your phone or PC, you can buy it here.

Victor is trying to find a partner to develop his velocipede, but when a stranger walks into the inn of the Seventh Happiness and tries to sell him Wozna in disguise, Victor tells King Fred, and is sent on a mission to discover who is at the root of the smuggling ring, and find out why George has gone missing, too.

It's a twisted tale of mischief, misrepresentation and missed opportunities, with the added complication of dealing with a person who really shouldn't be here.

Get Bravo Victor from Smashwords or Amazon. Suitable for age 12 and upwards.