Friday, 19 May 2017

Willoughby the Narrator - Early Bird offer closes soon

willoughby the narrator cover
If you keep meaning to get Willoughby the Narrator for your ereader, buy soon before the price goes up to the regular amount.  Check the others in the series if you feel you need to know how much that might be :)

We had a nice spread of winners from the Launch giveaways, with prizes going to the USA, Romania, the Philippines and Lithuania.  We would be grateful for reviews if you enjoy your prizes.

Watch out for news of book 8 in the Princelings of the East series.  The third draft (hopefully final) is going to the editor next month.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Adirondack Editing - Removing Filter Words

This is one of a series of editing posts by Susan Uttendorfsky featured on The Story Reading Ape.

Adirondack Editing

Removing Filter Words

Filter words are placed between your character and the action. 

Generally, they are added to a sentence when trying to describe something that your character is experiencing or thinking. While, as usual, there’s a place for them in writing, you can tighten up your scenes immensely when they’re removed. It’s another tidbit for helping you show, rather than tell, as without the filter words, you’re forced to add more description to get what you mean across.

What are some filter words? 

Felt, realized, saw, wondered, seemed, decided, heard, knew, touched, watched, and can are some of the more common ones. You can search the Internet for other lists of filtering words. Cutting away your filtering words and forcing yourself to write without them results in more vivid scenes. Here are some sentence examples of filter words:

  • She remembered him kissing her at their wedding. 
  • She felt relieved when he broke their date. 
  • I heard a noise in the basement. 
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