Saturday, 26 July 2014

Publishing plans for the rest of the year

Things are busy here at Princelings Publications.
  • Bravo Victor comes out of its exclusive period on Amazon on 31st July, and will be published on Smashwords soon afterwards.  It will then be distributed to the other major ebook stores - B&N, the Apple iBookstore, Kobo outlets, etc - and also be available at a special price for libraries.
  • The major project for August will be to publish White Water Landings, Geoffrey Pett's memoirs of his life in Africa in the late 1930s, setting up the ground arrangements for the Imperial Airways flying boat service.  This departure into the memoir genre is a new venture for us.  We're partnering with Blurb to bring this through as a quality paperback as well as an ebook.
  • We are currently also helping Blurb test their new ebook formatting system for trade paperbacks (text-heavy, like the stories).  
  • Onwards from there, the project is to bring out the first three Princelings books as paperbacks with Blurb.  These will have a new cover, and be different editions.  The Amazon versions will still be available, but these new paperbacks will be our new focus.  We have been unhappy with the quality of the trim of the Amazon POD facility, which has re-emerged after they said it had been fixed.  We feel our readers deserve better.
  • Danielle English has been revising the covers for these paperbacks, and here's a sneak peek at the drafts for Pirates and Lost City - still unfinished, but you can see the more detailed, three-dimensional style.

  • If you have any ideas for the first or fourth cover illustration, feel free to comment!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge: Time to go travelling

 It's Jemima's guest post on the A to Z challenge blog today - see it here!

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge: Time to go travelling: Yes, we're well into July now, and it's time to go travelling - and not just on the #atozroadtrip. One of the things I enjoy most ...

Last chance to get Bravo Victor FREE

Your last chance ot get BRAVO VICTOR free for your Kindle is today, 9th July or tomorrow, 10th July (or up to 8 am Friday if you're in the UK).

Bravo Victor Bravo Victor is the sixth in The Princelings of the East series, and stars Victor, keeper of the Inn of the Seventh Happiness, a much-loved character in four of the previous books.

It’s now 2015.  Victor has grown up, but in spite of his ambitions to be a business guru, he’s still running the Inn of the Seventh Happiness in his spare time.  Fate takes a hand when he visits King Fred of Castle Marsh and is whisked off on a mission to help the mysterious Sundance and his beautiful accomplice unmask a criminal, and investigate why George has not returned home after his visit to a flying festival. He narrates the particulars of his travels in the Rhinelands, and his quandary when he meets a friend from his past – or is it his future?

Bravo Victor is FREE on kindle on July 9th and 10th, PST.

CLICK HERE to get it from Amazon

Don't forget you can get Book 1 free any time, from Amazon or from the iBookstore.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Jemima is at Camp NaNoWriMo

Jemima's gone off to virtual summer camp to write her next novel - a scifi book featuring Big Pete and the Swede, stars of numerous flash fiction stories so far.  Last I saw she'd written over 16,000 words of an anticipated 70-75,000.

This is a busy week though, since BRAVO VICTOR has its last FREE days on AMAZON.  That's on July 9th and 10th (Wednesday and Thursday Pacific time).  Check your store here.

You can also find special offers on the rest of the Princelings series on Smashwords this month.   All the books are either free or half price, so it's a great chance for you tostock up on the series.  Check the Princelings of the East site at smashwords and link to the next in the series there.

On Wednesday, Jemima has her guest post on the A to Z Challenge blog.  This month she's talking about vacations and blogging from A to Z with a Travel theme.

I hope she doesn't let up on the writing front.  We need 27,000 words by the weekend!