Jemima is at Camp NaNoWriMo

Jemima's gone off to virtual summer camp to write her next novel - a scifi book featuring Big Pete and the Swede, stars of numerous flash fiction stories so far.  Last I saw she'd written over 16,000 words of an anticipated 70-75,000.

This is a busy week though, since BRAVO VICTOR has its last FREE days on AMAZON.  That's on July 9th and 10th (Wednesday and Thursday Pacific time).  Check your store here.

You can also find special offers on the rest of the Princelings series on Smashwords this month.   All the books are either free or half price, so it's a great chance for you tostock up on the series.  Check the Princelings of the East site at smashwords and link to the next in the series there.

On Wednesday, Jemima has her guest post on the A to Z Challenge blog.  This month she's talking about vacations and blogging from A to Z with a Travel theme.

I hope she doesn't let up on the writing front.  We need 27,000 words by the weekend!