Tuesday, 31 March 2015

More news of White Water Landings

March has whizzed by and I'm pleased to say that White Water Landings is well on course for its release date of 11th May, in hardcover, paperback and ebook (Kindle) formats.  Those of you waiting for it for Nook, Kobo or iPad will need to wait a little longer, I'm afraid.

Pricing plans (as of today, these may change and offers may apply):
  • Paperback: Amazon and Createspace $14.95; £9.99, €13.85
  • Kindle: $4.98; £3.33; €4.60
  • Hardcover: Blurb and our own webstore £21.00 - Limited time offer!
You can pre-order the ebook at Amazon.  If you buy the paperback on Amazon.com you can get the ebook for 99cents.

Monday, 2 March 2015

White Water Landings publishing news

White Water Landings, the memoir of Geoffrey Pett is on schedule for its publication on 11th May.

The book provides a fascinating view of the start of the Imperial Airways flying boat service in Africa, where Geoffrey set up the landing stations in Lindi (then Tanganyika) and Juba (then Sudan).