Monday, 30 December 2019

Happy New Year to all our Readers!

It's not too late to snag a New Year's bargain from our Smashwords catalogue.  Most of those that aren't usually free are 25% off with the coupon shown on the page.  That includes the two Princelings Box sets, which are already discounted.  An ideal chance for you to catch up on your reading, but the sale ends at 11.59 pm Pacific Time on New Year's Day.

Latest release - Chronicles of Marsh

Since the last update we have published Book 9 in the Princelings of the East series: Chronicles of Marsh.

The Princelings of the East are now King Fred and Prince Engineer George.  Gone are the years of innocence when they travelled for adventure and uncovered time tunnels and pirate plots.  Now Fred, assisted by his queen, Kira, has the responsibility for his people, his lands, and for persuading the lords and kings of the Realms to act together for the common good. George just has to work on his inventions, always thinking of a final goal: to fulfil the promises made to Lord Mariusz so long ago.
Neither has an easy task.
Fred decides to write a history of his reign, starting with the joy of his inheritance, and documenting how technological progress is not necessarily the key to communal good.
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Chronicles of Marsh (The Princelings of the East, #9)

Coming Soon - The Princelings of the East Audiobook

We are nearing the end of recording the Princelings of the East.  The narrator, Christopher Preece, is doing a fine job and has got most of the voices just as Jemima imagined them! 

The target launch date is around February 1st, which is a Saturday, but that shouldn't matter.

Watch your favourite audio store for it (online only).

Subscribers to Jemima's Patreon page will receive free download codes.

Monday, 25 March 2019

Progress on the end of the Princelings series

Progress has been slow on finishing the Princelings series, mainly because of non-writing commitments and also because of world events.  As Jemima says: it is very hard to write the events leading up to a revolution when all around us, madness that is stranger than fiction seems to be taking us in the same direction - revolution in the real world.

Nevertheless, Jemima is settling into her writing boots through April, updating her progress at Camp Nanowrimo.  The aim is to write the story - if not the completely nuanced books - for the last two in the series.

She explains:
The Chronicles of Marsh is an opportunity for Fred (King of Castle Marsh) to reflect on how it all came to the tipping point of revolution.  That has to be a book in itself, but the scenes that Fred remembers, or gets Willoughby to research, will help avid readers understand the descent into revolution that starts the final book - as it stands now, that is.

Princelings Revolution has to fulfill the epilogue of the very first book.  Prince Engineer George has to invent a flying machine that reliable crosses the Great Western Sea with a cargo on board.  It sounds so simple... yet events in the realms will conspire to block his progress, and potentially bring down the fabric of their society. 
And what's stopping me most, probably, is the thought of writing all the pain that Fred and George are going to go through as their world is shattered.

'World is shattered'.  I expect most of us are either watching events in other countries or embroiled in them ourselves, and feeling our own world is shattered.

Sombre days indeed.

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Read an Ebook Week - March 3rd to 9th 2019

We're supporting Read an Ebook Week with our books entered at very special prices in Smashwords' promotion.

The Princelings of the East series:

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Viridian System Series

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BookElves Anthologies

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Monday, 4 February 2019

Princelings of the East books 4-6 due on 20th February

The long-awaited second ebook box set in the Princelings series will be out on Smashwords, and is now available for pre-order on iTunes, B&N and Kobobooks.

Set 2 comprises:

  • The Traveler in Black and White: this prequel to the series enables Lord Mariusz to set the record straight in his own laid-back style. Was he really a profiteering, hard-hearted, opportunistic charlatan? Or just a charming victim of circumstance. He's certainly charming. 
  • The Talent Seekers provide Humphrey with the opportunity to use his unnatural powers of hearing and memory. He emerges from the obscurity of gangs of refugees and outcasts, victimised by the evil Lord Colman, to become the hero of the hour. But surely, isn't friendship what it's all about?
  • Bravo Victor takes us further away from the Realms than we've ever been, showing that inventions and shady deals know no boundaries. Why has Princeling George not returned from the flying festival, and who is trying to smuggle a banned drink into the Realms? Sundance is tasked to find out, but it's Victor's expertise that he needs to solve his problems.

These three books in the series take us from the discovery of the time tunnel through to the complications of travellers crossing their time lines, while all the while making progress towards an end product to deliver the promise the Princelings made in the very first book.

Buy it from 20th February on Smashwords, and on iTunes, B&N and Kobo if you like to pre-order.