Bravo Victor on Amazon

Jemima Pett's new book Bravo Victor, is now being published on Amazon. It should appear on all Amazon sites within 48 hours.

In the sixth book of the series, Victor Barton, of the Inn of the Seventh Happiness and would-be business guru, uncovers what appears to be a plot to bring Wozna cola back into the Realms.  At the same time George disappears while on a visit to a flying festival in the Rhinelands.  Secret agent Sundance is already on the trail of some Wozna smugglers, so King Fred sends Victor off with Sundance to see if he can solve the problem and find George at the same time.

Victor finds himself mired in a tangled web of lies, deceit and treachery, compounded by the appearance of a shady character from his past - or is it his future?

Bravo Victor is suitable for teens and adults, and contains a handy chronology of key events in the series to assist new readers in settling into the timeline.

Genre: adult science fiction or juvenile mystery, it's a mashup of feudal systems with advanced technology, invention, flying, business speak, time travel and the endearing characters we've come to love over the previous books.

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