Editing The Perihelix - book 1 of the Viridian series

based on a picture from NASA/JPL-Caltech
Jemima is working this month (and probably through to September) to edit the first draft of The Perihelix and bring it up to standard for our professional editor.

A first draft needs a lot of work.  The story needs to be examined to ensure the plot hangs together, the characters are well-drawn and consistent, that they have purpose and agency, and, importantly for a science fiction novel, the world-building - or in this case galaxy-building - is well-rounded, feasible,  and obeys fundamental rules of science.  There are also rules of the scifi that need to be drawn up and made consistent (e.g. what powers the spaceships?).  Then there's the rewriting, and making sure each chapter has a purpose, that events drive forward, that twists and turns are appropriate, and loose ends are tied up - eventually.  When that is all done, there's the writing style to work on, deleting over-use of words and phrases, tightening up the prose, ensuring it's readable and enjoyable, that the pace is right.  And there's checking for typos, punctuation, missing or too many spaces - the list goes on.

But it does end.  And at that stage we send it to our independent editor for her professional scrutiny.  And then we correct it, and turn it into the publishing formats.

So if all goes well, we might have the ebook of Perihelix ready for a November launch.  It's more likely we'll postpone it to January, since there's no need for us to rush, and no real benefit to bringing it out at the same time as thousands of others are trying to get in your Christmas stocking.  We'd rather have a better book out in paperback and ebook together.

Follow us for updates, and early notice of Advance Review Copies and pre-ordering, and possibly a blog tour.


I am so looking forward to reading this! I love Pete and Lars :)