Reblogged from the Independent: Avoiding Amazon? The 5 best [UK] alternatives to the online bookseller giants

This gives a useful set of links to some of the alternative UK sources for online books, and, as it says, you can also walk into a brick and mortar store.

For info, the 'five' names are,,, Blackwells... and then it lists 3 more.  Five... okay, good counting, Independent!

Avoiding Amazon? The 5 best alternatives to the online bookseller giants

Amazon has been the subject of renewed criticism after an expose of its employment practices in the New York Times. In the nearly 6,000 word piece, the newspaper claimed workers in its Pennsylvania warehouse were forced to work in temperatures in the high 30s - with no air conditioning - until a newspaper reported on it.


As a quick check:

Hive, Foyles and The Works don't include any of our books.

Wordery carries the paperback of White Water Landings

BookButler carries all of Jemima's titles in paperback including BookElves, and both hardcover and paperback of White Water Landings

Blackwells carries the six new Princelings paperbacks (to order) and White Water Landings in hardback

Waterstones carries the six new Princelings paperbacks, and reference a blog post, which tags a Jemima Catlin, not Pett!  It lists the hardback of White Water Landings at £29.99 to order (up to 3 weeks, but if most of that is Blurb's turn-round, then you'll probably get it in a week if you're in the UK). It does a Click&Collect service from your local store.

At least this shows that the distribution from Blurb via Ingram is working.

Non-UK customers:  check your main retailers, but remember that BookDepository carries most of the books, and delivers free to most countries.


I have also found that my local bookstore (independent) will order anything for me. For people in the States, independent Portland, OR bookstore Powells has a full-service on-line store at (the store is also one of the THE places to visit when in Portland).
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