The Perihelix is out now!

The Perihelix, by Jemima Pett is now available on all eReaders and as a paperback

Two asteroid miners, three women, five pieces of a legendary weapon hidden around the galaxy -- and two opposing forces trying to find it.

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You can get the ebook of The Perihelix from Amazon for KindleApple for iPadB&N for Nook, and Kobobooks (for Kobo) and in all ebook formats from Smashwords.

For a limited period onlyThe Perihelix is available at only 99c (99p in the UK).  We hope early purchasers will leave a review on their purchase site and/or at Goodreads.

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The Perihelix is also available in paperback
  • the Createspace version ISBN 9781523407613 is sold via Amazon outlets, and the Createspace store.
  • The Blurb edition ISBN 9781364414917 is sold through most retailers although you may have to order it.  It is printed in the UK and can be shipped worldwide.
  • Now also available at the Book Depository with free shipping nearly everywhere!
The Perihelix has been entered for the IAN Book of the Year (2016) contest - see details here.