A selection of Jemima's Inktober posts

Today, Jemima finishes the chapter illustrations for Willoughby the Narrator (Princelings book 7), so tomorrow she's starting the ones for The Princelings of the North (Book 8), which will doubtless become known as D&D or Dylan's book for short.  That boy always did take over everything.

Here are a selection of the Willoughby illustrations.

Willoughby's bag

Illustration for 'Diamond Souls'
Diesel's meagre fire
Castle White Horse in ruins
King Fred's fire at Castle Marsh

George's latest flying machine

 all pictures copyright J M Pett 2016


Good work! Maybe I should get you to do illustrations for my books (yeah, I know. With all your spare time, right?).
Jemima Pett said…
If you look at the other participants in #Inktober you'll see mine are very old-fashioned. There are some wonderful artists out there. Besides - you've noticed I don't do people...