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The Smashwords Summer/Winter sale is on all through July.
If you want to catch up on the Princelings series, or you missed out on the giveaway for White Water Landings, now is a good time to buy.
Click the titles to go direct to that page.  The code is up at the 'Buy' button.  Scroll down the Smashwords page to see 'other books by this author'.
All the books listed are eBooks.  Links to paperbacks (at standard price) are on each page.

Free Books

  • The Princelings of the East (POTE 1)
    • Princelings Fred & George leave home to discover what's stealing all the energy, and discover a time tunnel
  • The Princelings and the Pirates (POTE 2)
    • Why hasn't the wine been delivered? Princelings Fred & George find themselves abducted by pirates when they go to find out
  • The Princelings and the Lost City (POTE 3)
    • It's completely abandoned; so why can George smell baking bread - and why is Kira acting so strangely? Princelings Fred and George solve another problem, with the help of George's new invention, a flying machine that runs on strawberry juice
  • The Princelings of the East (books 1-3)
    • Catch up with the series in one handy box set of ebooks before you start reading the next five in the series
  • BookElves Anthology Volume 1
    • Seven authors and seven seasonal tales for young readers
  • BookElves Anthology Volume 2
    • another set of seasonal tales from seven writers for children of middle grade upwards
  • Viridian System Sampler
    • eight short stories set in Jemima Pett's scifi world
  • Dylan's Yuletide Journey
    • a short chapter book introducing Dylan and Dougall; this also appears in the BookElves Anthology volume 1

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Half-price Books

  • The Traveler in Black and White (POTE 4)
    • Mariusz, also known as Hugo, tells how he discovered a time tunnel in his back yard, and what happened when he went down it
  • The Talent Seekers (POTE 5)
    • Humphrey seeks friendship and purpose as he travels away from the Lost City of Arbor, and finds trouble in the Realms
  • Bravo Victor (POTE 6)
    • Victor, the bar owner who features in most of the series books, has his own adventure as he ventures into foreign parts in search of a spy, and Princeling George, who has disappeared
  • Willoughby the Narrator (POTE 7)
    • Willoughby's badly timed arrival in the realms means he needs to find a new career; he tells how story-telling gave him opportunities he never dreamt of, some of which will give him nightmares
  • White Water Landings (non-fiction/memoir)
    • Geoffrey Pett gives an account of his recruitment and career with IMperial Airways in 1930s Africa - the golden age of flying boats


Jemima Pett said…
Please note the Princelings Box set is now at 75% off list price, not free.