Special offers for Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale through July

Our publisher/distributor Smashwords has its annual Summer/Winter sale throughout July.

It's summer in the northern hemisphere, and winter in the southern. To help you find good books to endure the season from your beach or armchair, we're offering the following books free or at half price:

The Princelings of the East Books 1-3 (Box set 1)  50% off at $3.50

The Princelings and the Pirates (book 2) special offer at $1, particularly for GMGR members

The Princelings of the North (book 8, published this year), FREE for the first 50 readers

The BookElves Anthologies (both 1 and 2) FREE

The Perihelix (book 1 of the Viridian series) FREE for the first 50 readers

White Water Landings (non-fiction/memoir) 50% off at $3.50

Note that the following books are currently permafree on Smashwords and everywhere else except Amazon (who sometimes pricematch):

The Princelings of the East (book 1)
The Viridian System Sampler
Dylan's Yuletide Journey

Offers are open from midnight 1st July Pacific Time to 31st July, 11.59pm, save for those limited as stated above.