Summer news from Princelings Publications

Most of the activity this year has been about tackling the Covid-19 restrictions, completing the Princelings of the East series and preparing the audiobooks. We're coping fine under coronavirus restrictions, so we hope you are too.

Princelings Revolution (Princelings book 10)

Princelings revolution temp cover
The final book in the Princelings series has completed its post-beta comments edit. It's currently just over 50,000 words although front and back matter will take it nearer to 52,000.

Most of the current work is on the illustrative side. Dani English is close to completing the cover, which will replace the teaser cover we've been using so far.  It's spectacular! If you're interested in doing a cover reveal, we are scheduling that for September, so please leave a note in the comments and we'll get back to you.

Jemima is working on the chapter illustrations, which remain black and white line drawings, although we did consider colourised versions for the ebooks. That will probably happen in due course, and you'll be able to update your copies from wherever you bought them free of charge.

Princelings Revolution is currently due for publication on 1st October 2020 on all ebook platforms, and paperback tba.

Princelings Audiobooks

The Princelings of the East is available on AudibleAmazonApple (iTunes) as an audiobook.  

It is also linked with Whispersynch on Amazon if you like to use that. Update your ebook copy of the Princelings of the East through your Amazon account if you like to use that.

The Princelings and the Pirates is coming soon!  It is now going through the QA process at Audible, and is entirely in their hands as to when it goes live.  Check the links for the first book to see if you can find it.

An updated The Princelings and the Lost City is going to the narrator shortly, along with character notes and voice suggestions. We anticipate it being ready by Christmas.

At present we have no plans for further audiobooks. It will depend on demand, and the willingness of our narrator to continue!

Other titles

Jemima Pett has started to curate a selection of her short stories for publication next spring. If you've read her stories on her blog and have a desire for a particular style of story, let her know, on her blog or via twitter.

The Viridian System series is not finished yet. Jemima will be working on the third book once Princelings Revolution published. The overhaul of the VS website will also be completed in the late autumn. Our apologies for the delay.

A Princelings Notebook, in paperback, is available from Blurb.  You can use this to make whatever observations you like, and it has illustrations and quotes from the Princelings books scattered through the pages.  If you prefer photos of guinea pigs to adorn your work, check out the Guinea Pig Notebook. It may be the first of a series.