Summer Flash Fiction Collection now on sale

 All four books in Jemima Pett's Flash Fiction collection are now on sale.

Weird and Weirder is the final one in the set, launched on 8th July. This one contains the odder, more mysterious, most speculative of Jemima's works. Once she discovered the genre weird existed, she didn't hold back!

This volume includes:

  • The Horse-Drawn Lighthouse
  • three 'Boxcar' stories
  • several stories involving public and private libraries
  • Last Tangent in Paris
  • and several weird legends
Buy Weird and Weirder as an ebook:
The paperback will be available to purchase direct from Blurb in our new store page, coming shortly. This is in the usual small paperback format, handy to fit in a pocket or bag and bring out whenever you're waiting for a bus, coffee, or whatever!

Check out the others in the collection from the Weird and Weirder links.

Coming this autumn:

Snowflakes and Shivers: Heart-warming and Toe-curling Seasonal Tales

Expected October - watch for more details