Zanzibar's Rings on course for 22/02/2022

Zanzibar's Rings is the third and final book of the Viridian System series.

Following the Perihelix and Curved Space to Corsair, Zanzibar's Rings sees Dolores developing her career as a space pilot, Maggie with a very successful and highly sought catering business, Pete with a family to settle in the south of the planet, let alone his other ventures, and Lars... at a loose end.

When a Galactic crisis destroys the entire comms system, civilisation is left with no waypoints, no navigation aids, no database access… How will spaceships in flight get home–or to any destination? Dolores is stuck in warp with a very dangerous passenger, Pete gets his shuttle back home on manual. But why does anything in close contact with pure orichalcum fix itself? Just flying through Zanzibar’s Rings solves the problem–as the Federation’s fighters find, as they descend on the Viridian System to take possession of the planets.

On track for publication 22nd February 2022; preorder now at

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