Advance Review Copies of BRAVO VICTOR

Jemima has finished final editing and we are now able to supply advance review copies of Bravo Victor as pdf files (although without the chapter illustrations).

If you can commit to providing a fair review on your blog and on Goodreads and Amazon by mid-May we would be delighted to send the pdf, and the ebook once it is published. 

Coming in May, Book 6: Bravo Victor. Our young bartender has grown up and is trying to make his way as a business guru. He encounters a shady traveller and seeks advice from King Fred, who sends him on a mission to aid the mysterious Sundance and his beautiful accomplice, and to find Fred’s brother, George, overdue after a visit to a flying festival in the Rhinelands. Victor tells how he uncovers a tangled web of lies and deceit, and an old friend from the past, or is it his future?

This is the sixth book in the series, and brings together some of the loose ends from books 1 and 4, mixing in some of the underlying developments in the Princelings world from books 3 and 5 as well.  We hope that it can stand on its own, but we recommend that you've read 1-4 to get the most from it.

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