Read an E-Book Week 2014

March 2nd to 8th is Read an EBook Week and once again some of Jemima Pett's Princelings of the East series ebooks will be free or at ridiculous discounts.

It may surprise you to know that the fastest growing use of ereaders is in Africa and Asia - specifically in poor communities that cannot afford books.  As western technophiles upgrade from one eReader to another, second hand ones find their way to communities who can make very good use of them.  The key partner in this is the non-profit organisation Worldreader.  You can read more about the work they are doing, and their new programme in conjunction with the UN Refugee Agency in this article. If you've got an old kindle that you no longer need, you can donate it to the Worldreader program.  Check the REBW facebook page for details

See the Princelings of the East series here and click through to get the discount code for each of them.  The books in the Trilogy are free and The Traveler in Black and White and The Talent Seekers are half-price at $1.50. Check out all the other great books on offer too.